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  1. Brian Austin says:

    I very much doubt that even social ‘scientists’ would be crass enough to make such a simplistic categorisation of the military mindset. If you study the careers of famous military men, from across the world and over time, you might be a little surprised at how different they are. Take just two examples from WW2: Patton and Alexander. No two men could’ve been more different, just as it is with succesful men (and women), whatever their profession or calling. Humans are much more complicated than you suggest.

    • caygin says:

      Hi Brian. Thanks for the comment. I have no doubt you are correct when you say that many famous military men are quite different from each other. However, that does not negate or contradict my thoughts. My theory is that boys are brought up to develop certain characteristics and to deny others within themselves. And that the characteristics that they are pushed by society to aim for, are ones that are useful to the military ‘programme’. The pressure to conform – to mould themselves into this ‘ideal man/soldier’ and the many negative effects that are the result – is what interests me.

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